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How to pitch your prior experience to McKinsey, BCG & Bain
When interviewers ask you about your prior work experience what are they looking for? In this post, Amar Shibli, a former Senior Engagement Manager with McKinsey & Co, explains what a great answer to the prior work experience question looks like.

How to avoid being that candidate
Case interviews are difficult enough... don't play against yourself by committing unforced errors which will significantly ding your chances of landing a job amidst stiff competition. Abhi Tiwari, formerly of BCG, warns us about common mistakes.

One helpful case interview tip: be authentic
While good preparation never hurts, students also run the risk of preparing away their uniquenesses - inadvertently hiding their own unique qualities in an attempt to mold themselves into a persona of what they believe the firms want to see. Steve Kenning, a former Bain employee, reminds us to be authentic.

The importance of crafting a personal case prep plan
Every candidate approaches case interview preparation differently and that is OK. The key, as Alexander Richards of Bain & Co. reminds us, is crafting a prep plan that specifically fits your study style and hits home on the key areas you need to improve on.

How to utilize a level set, skill build loop to successfully prepare for your cases
When preparing for case interviews, it's helpful to get in a good rhythm. The Level Set, Skill Build loop is a handy mental model to keep your prep on track and productive.

Management consulting 2.0: A deep dive on the industry's rise, new challenges and what the future holds
McKinsey, BCG and Bain have all experienced tremendous growth in the last few decades, but new challenges are on the horizon. Former BCG consultant and strategy Professor Marc Baaij weighs in on what the future holds.