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All-in-one interview preparation

1. Drills

Targeted drills that help you build and hone the skills tested in consulting and product management interviews

2. Coaching

Expert consultants and product managers from leading companies like McKinsey & Google who are ready to help you

3. Concept reviews

Large library of reviews on key concepts to help get you up to speed fast, from calculating breakevens to making sense of APIs

Build your skills, speed and confidence

1. Drills

Test yourself on the exact questions your interviewers will ask you. Whether it's structuring a consulting case or honing your product sense and strategy, our drills will get you ready.
Hone your analytical skills
Master the art of quickly glancing at charts, whether it's a bubble chart or a regression analysis, and identifying key take aways.
Become a human calculator
Drill yourself on an unlimited supply of case style math questions. From long division to breakevens, we've got you covered.
Structure problems like a boss
Structure case problems and compare your answers against suggestions from our contributor panel of McKinsey, BCG & Bain consultants.

2. Coaching

RocketBlocks Experts are senior leaders at top companies like McKinsey, BCG, Google and Amazon. They love coaching and mentoring and are ready to help you land your dream job. (a la carte pricing, $200 / hr)
Rob Reiling
Ex-McKinsey & Co. EM
  • GM at Opendoor
  • Member of the McKinsey interview team & interviewed 100+ candidates
  • Voice is used in the popular Red Dead Redemption video game
Jill Schweitzer
Product Manager @ Airbnb
  • Formerly a PM Amazon, Uber, StubHub
  • Expertise in consumer products and marketplaces
  • Made an appearance on Top Chef
Scott Keenan
Ex-BCG Project Leader
  • VP at Whyhotel
  • Conducted 100+ interviews at BCG across associate, consultant & technical (Gamma)
  • Cycled the full length of Japan (3,000+ km) in 2011
Avneesh Kohli
Product Manager @ Instagram
  • Formerly a PM at Microsoft, Dropbox
  • Expertise in consumer facing products and enterprise applications
  • Attended Kobe Bryant's last game
Steph Tolosa
Ex-Bain & Co. Consultant
  • COO at Skylight Group
  • Rotation in the Bain Private Equity Group (PEG) & interviewed 100+ candidates
  • Won 9 father-daughter national tennis championships
John Gronberg
Director of Product @ Okta
  • Formerly a PM at Amazon, Yahoo!
  • Expertise in mobile apps, SDKs and APIs, identity and ads
  • Sailed 6 of the 7 oceans

Brush up on key topics so you're ready for anything

3. Concept reviews

Struggling with mental math or need a crash course on what an API is? No problem. RocketBlocks concept reviews cover key topics and techniques that come up in consulting and product management interviews
Learn more about our concept reviews: Consulting | Product management | Product marketing | Strategy & Biz ops

Customers love using RocketBlocks

Find success, whether you're an undergrad or career switcher

From Stanford to Tsinghua University, undergrad to PhDs to mid-career switchers, customers love RocketBlocks.
Gurinder Parmar
McKinsey & Co.
RocketBlocks was the most important piece in taking my interview skills to the next level. Seeing sample responses from actual MBB consultants helped me pin-point room for improvement and develop confidence in my problem solving approach.
David Dance
RocketBlocks was a key component of my success in securing consulting offers from the top 3 consulting firms. I can't recommend its tools enough.
Anurag Ojha
Google PM
Rocketblocks was essential in my PM internship prep. The Concepts section covered a wide variety of critical PM interview topics. The Drills section allowed me to practice a variety of different questions. Overall, RocketBlocks allowed me to develop crucial PM interviewing skills without which I could not have landed multiple internship offers.
Lindsay Van
Bain & Co.
I used RocketBlocks for 20 minutes each night during the recruiting process. Peers from MBB complimented my increased ease in math, which boosted my confidence and contributed to my ability to land offers with Bain, BCG, and McKinsey!
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