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RocketBlocks is trusted by top universities like Stanford, MIT and Wharton

Trusted by top candidates & institutions

Stanford GSB uses RocketBlocks for interview prep
Rice University uses RocketBlocks for interview prep
Wharton Business School uses RocketBlocks for interview prep

Thousands of candidates at every top 20 university in the world have used RocketBlocks to land offers. Over 50% of the Ivy League partners with RocketBlocks and 30+ other leading institutions across the globe do too, including pioneers like IESE, Oxford, University of Virginia and Rice University.

Get your students more consulting and tech offers

RocketBlocks behavioral interview prep
Behavioral interviews

Proven Results

RocketBlocks gives you the tools to succeed in interviews. While not everyone will take advantage of them, the ones that do are likely to benefit and receive great offers.
Candidates that use RocketBlocks are three times more likely to land a top tier job offer than those that don't, as evidenced by a study done at a top 10 US MBA program.

Student-driven, independent interview prep

RocketBlocks concept reviews help you brush up on key topics tested in tech and consulting interviews
1. Concept reviews

Large library of key concepts to help students get up to speed fast, from calculating breakevens to making sense of APIs

RocketBlocks Drills help you ace tech and consulting interviews
2. Drills

Targeted drills that help your students build and hone the skills tested in consulting and product management interviews

RocketBlocks Expert cooaches come from top companies like Google, BCG, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, McKinsey and more.
3. Coaching

Expert consultants and product managers from leading companies like McKinsey & Google who are ready to help your students

1. Concepts

Struggling with mental math or need a crash course on what an API is? No problem. RocketBlocks concept reviews cover key topics and techniques that come up in consulting and product management interviews
Charts interview drills
Learn PM technical concepts
Learn mental math for interview
Learn PM concepts like databases and back end technologies
Learn succinct communication
Learn PM concepts like APIs
Learn product marketing concepts like product product-positioning
Learn PMM data skills
Learn about user funnels
Learn about high level company strategy
Learn how to respond to competitive threats
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Learn more about our concept reviews: Analytics | Consulting | Product management | Product marketing | Strategy & Biz ops

Build your skills, speed and confidence

2. Drills

Test yourself on the exact questions your interviewers will ask you. Whether it's structuring a consulting case or honing your product sense and strategy, our drills will get you ready.
Hone your analytical skills
Master the art of quickly glancing at charts, whether it's a bubble chart or a regression analysis, and identifying key take aways.
RocketBlocks analytical interview prep
RocketBlocks mental math and quant interview prep
Become a human calculator
Drill yourself on an unlimited supply of case style math questions. From long division to breakevens, we've got you covered.
Structure problems like a boss
Structure case problems and compare your answers against suggestions from our contributor panel of McKinsey, BCG & Bain consultants.
RocketBlocks problem structuring interview prep

Data for administrators

Real-time reporting on student engagement and activity on the platform. Available online or via downloadable spreadsheet.
The license admin dashboard shows engagement, student email, and student program.

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