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1. Interview questions

Practice real Strategy & Biz Ops interview questions, from structuring problems to analyzing charts and data

2. Coaching

Book 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Strategy & Biz Ops Experts with experience at leading companies

3. Concept reviews

Top up your knowledge with reviews of key concepts and techniques, from product bundling to sizing a market opportunity

Real questions and expert answers

1. Practice real interview questions

Practice structured problem solving
Build frameworks to tackle the important strategy and biz ops, from evaluating new projects (e.g., a FB web browser?) to competing with TikTok.
Improve your analytical chops
Master the art of glancing at data and teasing out key insights, whether its a two-by-two market map in the SaaS space or evaluating launch markets.
Exercise your brainstorming muscle
Practice brainstorming compelling solutions to common challenges - from identifying product growth opportunities to the pros and cons of an acquisition.

2. Get Expert interview coaching

RocketBlocks Experts are strategy and business operations leaders at top companies, from big tech leaders like Google to promising unicorns like Opendoor. No matter what aspect of your interview skills you’re struggling with, our Experts can help get you in shape! (a la carte pricing, $200 / hr)
Rob Reiling
GM at Opendoor
  • Ex-McKinsey Engagement Manager
  • Member of the McKinsey interview team & interviewed 100+ candidates
  • Voice is used in the popular Red Dead Redemption video game
Paul Farris
Strategy & Ops Lead, Uber
  • Ex-McKinsey Engagement Manager
  • Former VP Strategy & Ops, Yahoo
  • MBA from Columbia Business School
Eric Kobe
VP Growth Strategy, Affirm
  • Former Director at FTI and Navigant
  • Expertise in e-commerce and fintech
  • Completed 900+ Barry’s Bootcamp classes

Brush up on key topics so you're ready for anything

3. Concept reviews

Struggling with grand strategy or handling competitive threats in a structured manner? Our concept reviews provide educational guidance on key concepts and techniques that come up in strategy & biz ops interviews.

RocketBlocks works

Hear from our happy customers

Whether you’re applying to Google Strategy & Biz Ops or the strategy group at a growing unicorn, RocketBlocks has you covered.
Jon Yang used RocketBlocks interview prep to land a job at Asana in strategy & Biz Ops
Jon Yang
Strategy, Asana
RocketBlocks was critical to my success during my recruiting process for Strategy and Business Operations roles at tech companies. I'd recommend RocketBlocks to anyone aiming to differentiate themselves and take their interview skills to the next level.
Jessica Sullivan, a RocketBlocks customer who works at Google as a Project Executive
Jessica Sullivan
Project Executive, Google
Paul [RocketBlocks Strategy & BizOps Coach] was able to dive into my specific questions about frameworks and give me great examples of some that I can leverage for potential scenarios. Thanks!
Jane Wu used RocketBlocks for interview prep and landed a job at LinkedIn in strategy & biz ops
Jane Wu
Strategy & BizOps, LinkedIn
Rocketblocks was pivotal to landing my offer doing strategy and business operations at LinkedIn. There's not many resources out there that dive into the topic with such extensive drills and specific tech cases. I was able to meet a case buddy where we were rooting for each other the whole time. We ended up both getting offers (his consulting at BCG)! I'm thankful for Rocketblocks for not just the interview prep but also the great friends I've made along the way 🙂
John used RocketBlocks for interview prep and now works at LinkedIn in BizOps
Strategy & Ops, LinkedIn
It is a really great product and would definitely recommend it to others. The quality of content was strong: the questions and exercises were very close in style, subject matter, and scope to actual interview questions.
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Read our free, no non-sense 20,000+ word introduction to strategy & biz ops roles. Written by BizOps experts with experience at LinkedIn, Twitter, Gusto, WalmartLabs and Asana. Covers everything from role details and unicorn vs. big tech comparisons to what to expect in interviews and how to prepare.

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  • S&BO concepts
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