Kenton Kivestu, The Boston Consulting Group

Kenton has worked for Google, The Boston Consulting Group, Zynga & Flurry Mobile. He believes deeply in the value of structured thinking that top consultants excel in. And he built RocketBlocks to help students hone those skills as they prepare for case interviews.

Annie Hsu, Frog Design, Inc.

Annie spent 5 years at Google where among other projects, she helped senior management build a scalable training program for AdWords support representatives in India. She is currently an Associate Strategy Director at Frog, a design consultancy, where she develops new products and services for Fortune 500 companies.


Rob Reiling

McKinsey & Co.

Anita Natrajan

The Boston Consulting Group

Gauthier Capelle

The Boston Consulting Group

Richard Smith

Bain & Co.

Erika Wool

Booz & Co.

Jesse Lau

The Parthenon Group


At RocketBlocks we believe first and foremost in providing students with the best tools to launch their careers - down whatever path they may choose.

For RocketBlocks: Consulting, we studied the entire consulting recruiting process from end-to-end and broke it down into a series of modules - just like a consultant would break down a messy problem into more easily manageable modules.

Within each module - whether its math or brainstorming - we provide the students with the tools to help them hone the critical skills they'll need for success in the interview, and ultimately the job.


RocketBlocks.me is open to partnerships with top MBA programs and top undergraduate institutions across the world. If your school is interested in licensing the RocketBlocks.me product please contact us at partnerships@rocketblocks.me. We look forward to hearing from you!