Our mission

Our mission is to launch high impact careers.

It may sound highfalutin, but we promise you, it's anything but. Because behind every memorable career, you'll find an origin story full of grit, determination and hard work.

At RocketBlocks, we're big fans of good, old fashioned elbow grease and a solid work ethic. Landing a top tier job isn't easy and there will always be a critic to tell you why you're not good enough: no Ivy League degree, your GPAs too low, not the right major(s), the wrong professional background, lower test scores, etc. Remember, it is not the critic that counts. That doesn't mean it will be easy though, but then again, no challenge worth achieving is.

So here is our RocketBlocks promise: you bring the work ethic and elbow grease, we'll bring the tools. We've designed our product so that you can drill yourself on the key skillsets you'll need to demonstrate in your consulting interviews, and ultimately, on the job too.

Whether it's providing the initial context of what a consulting career is like, learning how to rip through breakeven analyses at high speeds or structuring nebulous business problems, RocketBlocks has you covered.

Let's get started.

Our team


Kenton Kivestu, The Boston Consulting Group
Kenton is the CEO and Founder of RocketBlocks. Prior to RocketBlocks, he helped launch advertisting platforms at Google, advised Fortune 100 companies as a Consultant in BCG's San Francisco Office, and led the Zynga mobile poker franchise. He started RocketBlocks to help consulting candidates hone the critical skills that are tested in case interviews and used on the job daily in the consulting industry.

Annie Hsu, Frog Design, Inc.
Annie began her career at Google where among other projects, she designed and launched a scalable training program for AdWords customer support teams in India. After Google, she joined Frog, a design consultancy famously known for designing early Apple hardware. She's currently a Strategy Director in the San Francisco office, where she helps Fortune 500 companies design, build and launch new products and/or service initiatives.

Expert advisors

Genelle Kahan, former Manager at Bain & Co.
Genelle Kahan is a former Manager at Bain & Company's San Francisco office. She spent over 9 years at Bain & Company, beginning in 2006. During her time at Bain, Genelle earned a spot on Bain's global interview team. Over the course of two years on the team, she conducted hundreds of interviews at top MBA programs, interviewing for both internship and full-time positions for Bain offices across the globe. Genelle is currently a Directory of Strategy at Sephora, Inc.

Amar Shibli, former McKinsey & Co. Engagement Manager
Amar Shibli joined the New York office in 2011. His work at McKinsey focused on clients at the intersection of finance and government, and had the opportunity to work on projects as wide ranging as on-the-ground disaster recovery in the US to renewable energy strategy in Australia. While at McKinsey, Amar interviewed dozens of candidates for the New York and San Francisco offices. He is currently a Senior Director at LendingClub, where he runs a $1B+ fund.

Expert contributors

Rob Reiling, former McKinsey & Co. Engagement Manager
Rob is a former McKinsey & Co. Engagement Manager from the Minneapolis office. He focused on operations transformations and asset productivity improvement in the heavy construction industry. Currently, he is a Strategy Lead at Cargill's Pricing Center of Excellence.

Anita Natrajan, former BCG Project Leader
Anita is a former BCG Project Leader from the Atlanta office. She worked across a variety of industries and projects, spanning the spectrum from an IT cost savings project to a marketing case for a cruise line. Currently, she is a VP of Sales Ops and Emerging Business at A Place for Mom.

Richard Smith, former Bain & Co. Consultant
Richard is a former Bain & Co. Consultant from the London office with extensive experience within their private equity group. He worked across a range of industries and has a strong background in TMT, Oil and Gas, and Energy. He is currrently a Senior Leader at Uber Eats.

Jesee Lau, former The Parthenon Group Vice President
Jesse is a former VP at The Parthenon Group's San Francisco office where he led 70+ projects with an emphasis on product strategy, growth strategy, market and competitive analysis, business model development, M&A, and performance improvement. Currently, he is the Senior Director of Revenue Strategy at the Seattle based healthcare firm RealSelf.

Erika Wool, former Strategy& Associate
Erika is a former Strategy& Associate from the New York office, with experience across a wide range of industries: technology commercialization, business model transformation, market entry and growth strategy development, and buyside M&A transaction support. She currently works at Google in as a Business Development Leader for Emerging Platforms.

Gauthier Capelle, former BCG Consultant
Gauthier is a former BCG Consultant from the Munich office where he worked across many industries primarily focusing operations optimizations, cost savings and revenue growth strategies. He currently leads Amazon's Kids Fashion Team within the Amazon Private Label group.

Partner with RocketBlocks

RocketBlocks partners with top graduate programs and universities around the world. Currently, 50% of the Ivy League MBA programs are official partners and more than 15 universities globally partner with RocketBlocks to help their students land dream jobs.

If your university is interested in licensing the RocketBlocks product, please contact us at partnerships@rocketblocks.me.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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