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Practice answering analytical product manager interview questions

Analytics & metrics

Practice answering questions covering everything from defining product success metrics to root cause analysis.

Practice answering product design and product strategy PM interview questions

Product design & strategy

Hone your product sense by drilling yourself on product design, product iteration and core product strategy interview questions.

Practice answering technical PM interview questions

Technical chops

Build technical fluency with questions covering key PM-engineering touch points like APIs, databases and tech stacks.

1. Learn key product management concepts

Primers on the key concepts that PM interviews test candidates on. Covers everything from analytical concepts (e.g., user funnels) to design concepts (e.g., skeuomorphism) to technical concepts (e.g., tech stacks).

Learn key PM concepts like what is a tech stack

2. Practice PM interview questions with drills

Get ready for interview day by practicing your answers to PM interview questions covering everything from estimation to product strategy.

Practice product management interview questions

3. Learn from PM cases

Case mode puts you in the shoes of product manager working through real life challenges and gives you a chance to test your PM skills.

Product management case studies

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John, University of Chicago, Booth MBA Candidate '19

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Prepare for product manager interviews by building key skills

Build foundational PM skills

Every product management role is different but the fundamental skills required are consistent.

RocketBlocks helps you hone your core skills: 1) analytics and metrics 2) product design and strategy and 3) technical chops.

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