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PM interview miniseries

A video-based, crash course on what to expect in PM interviews - with 19 mock interviews and answers from PMs at Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon & more.

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Comprehensive PM interview prep

1. Drills

Skill-building drills covering key PM interview topics like product sense and strategy, analytical skills and technical fluency

2. Coaching

Leading product managers with experience at Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Airbnb available for 1-on-1 coaching

3. Concept reviews

Review on key concepts to help get you up to speed fast - whether its tech stacks, APIs or UI design

Build your skills, speed and confidence

1. Product manager interview questions

Hone your product sense
Build up your product sense and strategy skills by tackling realistic interview questions, structuring your answers and reviewing expert answers
Build analytical excellence
Practice every type of analytical question from executional root-cause analyses (e.g., the dreaded DAU drop) to estimating market opportunities.
Improve technical fluency
Build technical fluency with questions covering key PM-engineering touch points like APIs, databases and tech stacks.
Product management case studies
Practice product management interview case studies & case questions - with interview questions across prioritization, analytics, technical issues and design.
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2. PM interview coaching

RocketBlocks Experts are product management leaders with experience at companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft. Whether you're struggling with technical fluency or framing your PM experience, they can help! (a la carte pricing, $200 / hr)
Jill Schweitzer
Product Manager @ Airbnb
  • Formerly a PM Amazon, Uber, StubHub
  • Expertise in consumer products and marketplaces
  • Made an appearance on Top Chef
Avneesh Kohli
Product Manager @ Instagram
  • Formerly a PM at Microsoft, Dropbox
  • Expertise in consumer facing products and enterprise applications
  • Attended Kobe Byrant's last game
John Gronberg
VP Product @ Datagrail
  • Formerly a PM at Amazon, Okta
  • Expertise in mobile apps, SDKs and APIs, identity and ads
  • Sailed 6 of the 7 oceans
Tanya Koshy
VP Product @ UserTesting
  • Formerly a PM Google, Facebook
  • Expertise in B2B, user research and analytics
  • Lived in 15 cities
Mike Lyngaas
Product @ Webflow
  • Formerly product at Gusto, Yahoo!
  • Expertise in Enterprise SaaS, Fintech, & building channels
  • Played on Duke Basketball practice team
Allen Yang
Head of Product @ Bubble
  • Formerly a PM at Google
  • SMB & Enterprise SaaS / productivity tools, fintech and data products
  • Enjoys baking
james mackay, prooduct manager at Facebook
James Mackay
Product Lead @ Indeed
  • Formerly PM @ Facebook, Expedia
  • New product incubation and data driven growth
  • Started snowboarding in my 30s
helen sims, product manager at Airbnb
Helen Sims
Head of Product @ Reforge
  • Formerly PM Lead at Airbnb, Zynga
  • Marketplaces, consumer products & experiences, and mobile gaming
  • Been in a Barbie Dolls commercial
Ankur Biswas, product manager at Microsoft
Ankur Biswas
PM @ Microsoft
  • BSc & MPS from Cornell University
  • Expertise in cloud computing and enterprise software
  • Learned underwater photography

Brush up on key topics so you're ready for anything

3. PM Concept reviews

Struggling with API or tech stacks? What about skeuomorphism, bundling vs. unbundling or how to tackle estimation interview questions? Our concept reviews provide educational reviews on key product management concepts.

Focus on building key PM skills.

How to prepare for PM interviews

Most people prep the wrong way. They memorize trite frameworks (e.g., CIRCLES) and waste time studying old interview questions. Interviewers don't want that.

Don't fall into that trap. Instead, focus on demonstrating your core PM skills. It's a win-win-win: 1) skills make you an attractive candidate 2) it's scalable for multiple interviews and 3) it helps you succeed on the job too.

RocketBlocks is designed specifically to help you build your PM skills - from product sense to technical fluency. It’s like a gym ... but for your brain.

Customers love using RocketBlocks

Land your PM offer

Whether you're preparing for big tech PM interviews at Google or ascending start-ups like Affirm, RocketBlocks will help you put your best foot forward.
Anurag Ojha
PM, Google
Rocketblocks was essential in my PM internship prep. The Concepts section covered a wide variety of critical PM interview topics. The Drills section allowed me to practice a variety of different questions. Overall, RocketBlocks allowed me to develop crucial PM interviewing skills without which I could not have landed multiple internship offers.
Dhairyya Aggarwal
Incoming PM, Microsoft, CMU
"Rocketblocks PM course was of great help to me. It helped me hone my PM interview skills by helping me practice a lot of questions and providing great lessons using mini-tutorials."
Kaitlyn Gelpi
Sr. Product manager, Dots
Rocketblocks was my interview prep secret weapon. The drills taught me useful frameworks to quickly break down technical questions and stand out during interviews.
PM, Facebook
One of your interview questions actually came up word for word in the actual interview! I made it through the gauntlet, and just accepted an offer for a PM role at Facebook!  RocketBlocks was the most helpful resource I came across during my preparation by far. 
Aditi Karandikar
PM, Walmart Labs
I highly recommend Rocketblocks for PM interview prep. It was a key component of my interview prep routine and helped push me to the next stage and, ultimately, helped me land multiple offers.
Anirudha Nandi
APM, Uber, Ivey HBA 2020
RocketBlocks was a perfect interview tool during hectic recruiting seasons. I could quickly do it for 20-30 mins between my prep or if I had more time I could deep dive into some of the larger exercises. It does a great job throughout - right from starting your interview prep all the way to touching up weaker areas. Practicing is the best way to get good at interviews and this is a really handy tool for that.
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