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Interactive PM drills that help build the skills you'll need on interview day.

Built by former product experts from Google, Amazon and Facebook.

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Learn product manager prioritization and roadmapping skills

Build roadmaps

Sharpen your prioritization skills by prioritizing features for sprints, launch roadmaps and growth objectives.

Learn how to assess wireframes and mocks like a product manager

Refine user experiences

Hone your design and user experience skills by reviewing and assessing product wireframes and design mocks.

Learn how to conduct PM style analyses

Conduct analysis

Build product-oriented analytics skills by analyzing usage data covering everything from user sign up flows to bug triaging.

Build your core product management skills

Prioritize roadmaps and sprints

  • Learn from real life product prioritization scenarios
  • Drag and drop features to create your prioritization
  • Compare answers against suggested answers from real PMs
Prioritize roadmaps like a product manager with a drag and drop UI

Master user experience

  • Review product mocks and wireframes
  • Assess user experience strengths, weaknesses and fit with product objectives
  • Critique mocks and compare answers
Learn to assess user experiences like a product manager

Build technical fluency

  • Gain insight into the technical questions PMs face daily
  • Understand the key concepts, scenarios and trade offs
  • Recommend the best course of action
Learn how to become technically fluent like a product manager

Sharpen analytical skills

  • Analyze relevant product data sets
  • Set product strategy, make feature recommendations and identify bugs
  • Compare answers against real PMs
Learn about the types of analyses product managers do on a daily basis

Built by ex-Google, Amazon and Facebook PMs

Product Manager interview prep from former product managers from Google, Amazon and Facebook

World class, expert contributors

100% of our content comes directly from product management leaders who've worked at top companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook. The actual scenarios included in RocketBlocks drills are based off interviews with product managers from Airbnb, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Gusto, Twitter, Uber, YouTube and more.

Prepare for product manager interviews by building key skills

Build foundational PM skills

While every product management role is different, the underlying concepts and skills that leading product managers use daily are consistent from vertical to vertical and company to company.

The foundational skills, prioritization, analytical chops, user experience sense and technical fluency, were the core skills cited by over twenty product manager leaders that we interviewed from companies such as Airbnb, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Gusto, Twitter, Uber, YouTube and more

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