Analytics interview prep

Real life interviews questions based off realistic million-row data sets

Covers everything from retrieving data to structuring analytical approaches

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Practice answering technical Analytics interview questions


Verify your ability to retrieve and manipulate data from realistic multi-table data sets with millions of rows.

Practice answering analytics interview questions


Practice assembling tactical pieces of analysis, like putting together experiment results and analyzing the impact.

Practice Analytics interview question structuring


Hone your ability to build a structured approach to tackling any type of analytical challenge - from identifying bugs to building a model.

A comprehensive analytics interview prep tool

Wrestle with a realistic data sets

Wrap your head around a realistic three-table data set from a fictional food delivery company (e.g., think of Uber Eats or Doordash). Answer questions by joining data from millions of rows across the restaurants, orders and events table.

Learn key data analytics concepts

Tackle “on the job” analytical challenges

Practice answering the exact type of “on the job” analytics questions you’ll face in interviews, using the provided data set to build funnels, analyze business performance, make estimates and identify system bugs.

Practice analytics interview questions

Compare your answers against experts

For every single drill, you can compare your answers to suggested answers from RocketBlocks Experts at leading companies like Google, Amazon and LinkedIn.

Expert data analytics answers

FAQ: Who is RocketBlocks Analytics for?

1. Who should use this product?

People preparing for analytics interviews at companies like Google, Amazon, Uber, Walmart, Capital One, etc.

2. Are there any prerequisites?

Yes, you should be comfortable downloading a million+ row data set and manipulating it in MYSQL, MS Access, Python, R Studio, etc.

3. Should I use it if I’m preparing for a PM role or Consulting role?

Only if there is an analytics heavy component to that role. If not, you’d likely be better suited using our consulting or product management specific offering.

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