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Interview question bank

Test yourself on real interview questions created by an expert analyst with experience at Google, Facebook and Zynga.

Full analytics cases

Practice full cases testing your ability to structure analysis, write pseudo SQL and draw conclusions on real data sets.

Concept reviews

Brush up on key concepts from funnels, to tech stacks to data science modeling techniques - from simple linear regression to K-means.

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Analytics interview question drills

Wrestle with a realistic data sets
Wrap your head around a realistic three-table data set from a fictional food delivery company (e.g., think of Uber Eats or Doordash). Answer questions by joining data from millions of rows across the restaurants, orders and events table.
Tackle “on the job” analytical challenges
Practice every type of analytical question from executional root-cause analyses (e.g., the dreaded DAU drop) to estimating market opportunities.
Compare your answers against experts
For every single drill, you can compare your answers to suggested answers from RocketBlocks Experts at leading companies like Google and Facebook.

We've got you - from product funnels to regressions!

Analytics concept reviews

Need a primer on key analyses tech companies run, how they present insights with charts and data or data science techniques commonly employed. Don't sweat - we've got you covered!

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