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All-in-one consulting interview prep

1. Drills

Skill-building drills covering key consulting skills like problem structuring, mental math and charts and data analysis

2. Coaching

Former consulting managers from top firms like McKinsey, BCG and Bain are available for 1-on-1 coaching sessions

3. Concept reviews

Brush up on key concepts and techniques, from tricky breakeven problems to how to read complicated charts

Build your skills, speed and confidence

1. Consulting drills

Realistic interview questions testing your core skills, each with answers from RocketBlocks Experts from McKinsey, BCG and Bain.
Sharpen analytical skills
Master the art of quickly teasing key insights out of data, from market share maps to bubble charts.
Brainstorm like a boss
Sharpen your creative skills while maintaining your ability to keep ideas structured in brainstorm drills
Structure case problems
Hone your structuring skills by breaking cases down into logical, tailored frameworks to solve the problem at hand.
Become a math whiz
Drill yourself on an unlimited supply of case style math questions, from long division to breakevens.

2. Coaching

RocketBlocks Experts are former managers from leading consulting firms like McKinsey, BCG and Bain. Experts are available to coach on both case and fit interview portions, have extensive interview experience and enjoy coaching. (a la carte pricing, $200 / hr)
Rob Reiling
Ex-McKinsey & Co. EM
  • GM at Opendoor
  • Member of the McKinsey interview team & interviewed 100+ candidates
  • Voice is used in the popular Red Dead Redemption video game
Nick Padlo
Ex-Bain Case Team Leader
  • MBA from Stanford GSB
  • Served on Bain Dallas interview team & conducted 150+ interviews
  • ESPN Mini Golf Youth Champion (1995)
Scott Keenan
Ex-BCG Project Leader
  • VP at Whyhotel
  • Conducted 100+ interviews at BCG across associate, consultant & technical (Gamma)
  • Cycled the full length of Japan (3,000+ km) in 2011
Chris O'Riordan
Ex-McKinsey & Co. EM
  • Divisional GM at Opendoor
  • Led Stanford GSB recruiting for McKinsey, interviewed 100+ candidates
  • Ex-pro baseball player (Texas Rangers)
Steph Tolosa
Ex-Bain & Co. Consultant
  • COO at Skylight Group
  • Rotation in the Bain Private Equity Group (PEG) & interviewed 100+ candidates
  • Won 9 father-daughter national tennis championships
Scott Gladstone
Ex-BCG Project Leader
  • VP at Dine Brands Global (Applebees)
  • Member of BCG interview team, conducted 100+ interviews
  • Former ski instructor at Deer Valley resort

Brush up on key topics so you're ready for anything

3. Concept reviews

Struggling with breakeven calculations, how to read bubble charts or communicate in a structured manner? Our concept reviews provide educational guidance on key concepts and techniques that come up in consulting interviews.

Customers love using RocketBlocks

Land your consulting offer

From Stanford GSB to Oxford, undergrad to PhDs to mid-career switchers, customers love RocketBlocks.
David Dance
RocketBlocks was a key component of my success in securing consulting offers from the top 3 consulting firms. I can't recommend its tools enough.
Lindsay Van Landeghem
Bain & Co.
I used RocketBlocks for 20 minutes each night during the recruiting process. Peers from MBB complimented my increased ease in math, which boosted my confidence and contributed to my ability to land offers with Bain, BCG, and McKinsey!
Gurinder Parmar
Associate, McKinsey & Co., UBC-Sauder
RocketBlocks was the most important piece in taking my interview skills to the next level. Seeing sample responses from actual MBB consultants helped me pin-point room for improvement and develop confidence in my problem solving approach.
Jana Haas-Davis
Incoming BA, McKinsey & Co., Auburn University
Rocketblocks allowed me to go from beginner to expert with detailed modules, drills, and a great platform to find case practice partners. A few of the other candidates I met on RB have become my friends after so much casing together 😆 (some also received offers!) - Rocketblocks was a key part in securing an offer from an MBB firm.
Alexander Richards
Case Team Leader, Bain & Co.
I found that the interviews that went well were typically the ones before which I'd wake up, shower, and do a couple of drills on RocketBlocks to get my head in the game. It made a huge difference and helped me land a number of offers from top-tier firms.
Sarah Alexander
Professional Tri-athlete, BCG
As a former professional athlete, the approach you take to casing—breaking casing down into its fundamentals and providing a huge library of resources to drill those foundational skills—really resonated with me and was so helpful in my recruiting process. The fact that I was able to earn an offer from BCG as an experienced hire in such an unusual and competitive year is largely attributable to having Rocketblocks in my back pocket.
Anish Welde
Business Analyst at McKinsey & Co.
Rocketblocks is a fantastic tool that makes interview preparation systematic, convenient and provides immediate feedback. The industry-specific drills, and other resources are great for preparation whether you are just getting started, preparing weeks in advance or just trying to get in the right headspace before an interview. Rocketblocks was an extremely helpful tool that helped me achieve my goal of receiving a full time offer from McKinsey & Co.
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  • Consulting drills
  • Consulting concepts
  • Consulting coaching ($200 / hr)

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  • 7-day free trial
  • Billed annually
  • Consulting drills
  • Consulting concepts
  • Consulting coaching ($200 / hr)

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