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Customers love using RocketBlocks

From Stanford to Tsinghua University, undergrad to PhDs to mid-career switchers, customers love RocketBlocks.
Anurag Ojha
Product manager, Google, Darden MBA
Rocketblocks was essential in my PM internship prep. The Concepts section covered a wide variety of critical PM interview topics. The Drills section allowed me to practice a variety of different questions. Overall, RocketBlocks allowed me to develop crucial PM interviewing skills without which I could not have landed multiple internship offers.
Dhairyya Aggarwal
Incoming PM, Microsoft, CMU
Rocketblocks PM course was of great help to me. It helped me hone my PM interview skills by helping me practice a lot of questions and providing great lessons using mini-tutorials.
Chad Kanoff
Offers at McKinsey, BCG & Bain, ex-Pro Football QB
I feel so lucky Rocketblocks was recommended to me by a friend. It was the best resource and the most similar material to actual interviews that I found. As a former pro athlete, I loved the ability to apply an athlete's mindset to case prep and drill my weaknesses in a structured manner.
Jane Wu
Strategy & BizOps, LinkedIn
Rocketblocks was pivotal to landing my offer doing strategy and business operations at LinkedIn. There's not many resources out there that dive into the topic with such extensive drills and specific tech cases. I was able to meet a case buddy where we were rooting for each other the whole time. We ended up both getting offers (his consulting at BCG)! I'm thankful for Rocketblocks for not just the interview prep but also the great friends I've made along the way 🙂
Eric Kobe
VP, Affirm, Ross MBA
The interview content here is excellent. Honestly, I might have to steal some of these questions and use it when I interview candidates for our open roles!
Aditi Karandikar
Sr. Product manager, Walmart Labs
I highly recommend Rocketblocks for PM interview prep. It was a key component of my interview prep routine and helped push me to the next stage and, ultimately, helped me land multiple offers.
Product manager, Facebook
One of your interview questions actually came up word for word in the actual interview! I made it through the gauntlet, and just accepted an offer for a PM role at Facebook!  RocketBlocks was the most helpful resource I came across during my preparation by far. 
Gurinder Parmar
Associate, McKinsey & Co., UBC-Sauder
RocketBlocks was the most important piece in taking my interview skills to the next level. Seeing sample responses from actual MBB consultants helped me pin-point room for improvement and develop confidence in my problem solving approach.
Jana Haas-Davis
Incoming Business Analyst, McKinsey & Co., Auburn University
Rocketblocks allowed me to go from beginner to expert with detailed modules, drills, and a great platform to find case practice partners. A few of the other candidates I met on RB have become my friends after so much casing together 😆 (some also received offers!) - Rocketblocks was a key part in securing an offer from an MBB firm.
David Dance
Project Leader, BCG, Wharton MBA
RocketBlocks was a key component of my success in securing consulting offers from the top 3 consulting firms. I can't recommend its tools enough.
Lindsay Van Landeghem
Consultant, Bain & Company, INSEAD MBA
I used RocketBlocks for 20 minutes each night during the recruiting process. Peers from MBB complimented my increased ease in math, which boosted my confidence and contributed to my ability to land offers with Bain, BCG, and McKinsey!
Andrea Teja
Associate, Mckinsey & Company
I come from the military, I didn’t have a business background but I landed three offers from mck,bcg and Bain using RB tools! The structure drills really allowed me to understand how to frame a problem! After every drill you can compare your answer with a real consultant! That’s great!
Kamilla Yunosova
Product Manager, Ojo Labs, ex-IBM
RocketBlocks YouTube content helped me prep and land my dream PM job at a small high growth startup. Funny enough I did the same with the consulting content when I was entering the workforce originally! Really appreciative of the team at RocketBlocks.
Warren Sequeira
Consultant, Wells Advisory
Rocket blocks was pivotal in improving my speed with mental math and clearing charts. I couldn’t have landed my offer from Monitor Deloitte without it!
Connor Smith
Consultant, EY, Georgetown MBA
The expert service was fantastic! Each expert provided in depth feedback on the exact areas I needed to work on. I booked a couple different experts for multiple sessions and saw drastic improvements in my cases. I would not have received offers from three of the big firms if it wasn't for Rocketblocks!
Anon Student
Consultant, BCG, Yale SOM
The RocketBlocks experts provided me with extremely detailed feedback and advice, which made me feel more than prepared for my interviews with BCG. After my first round interview, I was told there was nothing I could have done better in my cases. I received a full-time offer from BCG.
Curtis Yu
Consultant, Roland Berger, Ivey MBA
Rocketblocks is one of the most effective and efficient way to get practice reps in. It helped me practice much more than I would have been able to do on my own. I especially like the variety of prompts, and the ability to take notes and review past case drills.
Kaitlyn Gelpi
Sr. Product manager, Dots
Rocketblocks was my interview prep secret weapon. The drills taught me useful frameworks to quickly break down technical questions and stand out during interviews.
Anish Welde
Business Analyst at McKinsey & Co.
Rocketblocks is a fantastic tool that makes interview preparation systematic, convenient and provides immediate feedback. The industry-specific drills, and other resources are great for preparation whether you are just getting started, preparing weeks in advance or just trying to get in the right headspace before an interview. Rocketblocks was an extremely helpful tool that helped me achieve my goal of receiving a full time offer from McKinsey & Co.
Zahid Gani
Consultant at BCG, Univ. of KwaZulu-Natal
I would like to commend the team on an excellent platform, having access to RocketBlocks and doing case interviews with multiple candidates was instrumental in my landing a consultant role with BCG in North America (without an MBA, and having a super non-target undergrad - unknown South African university).
Anon Experienced Hire
Consultant at BCG, ex-EY-Parthenon
The resources on RocketBlocks and accompanying YouTube videos were a regular part of my routine in preparing for my interview with BCG. I am a lateral hire, had not cased in over two years, and no longer had the built-in support of business school; plus, I only had one month to prepare for my interviews! RocketBlocks drills allowed me to refresh my skills and feel prepared for my interview.
Lilian Crawford
Incoming BCG Associate, Notre Dame Alum
I first heard about RocketBlocks on a webinar about case interviewing given by one of the firms I was applying to. After the free trial, I knew this was the only practice I needed to buy. Being able to focus my efforts on problem areas through the drills and concepts really helped elevate my case interview performance. The live practice set me up with quality partners that challenged me and helped me put practice into performance. All of my interviewers commented on how prepared and polished I was in the case interview and I owe that to RocketBlocks.
Sneha Damal Villivalam, McKinsey Business Analyst and happy RocketBlocks customer
Sneha Damal Villivalam
Incoming McKinsey BA Associate, UC-Berkeley PhD
RocketBlocks really helped me get my framework structure right. McKinsey requires super eleaborate frameworks. I could get a lot of points from all the answers given by people who used it in the past. The exhibits in RocketBlocks are super hard which made me ready to read the exhibits given during the interview.
Ray Vinjamuri
Incoming BCG Consultant, UMN Carlson MBA
Thank you for creating Rocketblocks and providing it at such a fair price. I just secured a FT offer from BCG, and I have to say Rocketblocks was one of the main resources key to my success in the end, specifically the parts relating to mental math, the framework drills, etc. Best resource out there - I've personally recommended it to every person who has asked me.
Swati Sachdeva
Microsoft PM
Now there is a ton of material out there for PM interview prep - I have gone through most of it! RocketBlocks would be easily amongst the top few that I would recommend. There are these mock interview videos that everyone raves about, mini video lessons that Kenton does (that I am personally a fan of) and if you could get access to their website - there are plenty of tools to help you think deeper. Thank you Rocketblocks for my FB offer :)
Rahila used RocketBlocks and landed a job at Deloitte and EY-Parthenon
Rahila Olanrewaju
Strategy Consultant, Deloitte
I just want to thank you for creating Rocketblocks. I tell *everyone and anyone* who is preparing for interviews to get Rocketblocks. It helped me get offers from Deloitte and EY-Parthenon my senior year of college. Now, I'm almost a year into the Strategy Analyst role at Deloitte solving GTM, pricing, and growth strategy cases for SaaS companies - and I still use Rocketblocks as an educational tool to deepen my industry knowledge.
Arjun used RocketBlocks and landed a job as a McKinsey Business Analyst
Arjun Naganathan
Incoming McKinsey BA, UT Austin
I recently got an offer from McKinsey after watching a lot of RocketBlocks' content this past summer. The content was incredibly valuable!
Nupur used RocketBlocks and landed a role as a PM for Google Chrome
Nupur Jain
Google Chrome PM
RocketBlocks is an amazing resource available for PM prep and provides end to end support, starting from teaching the fundamentals to interview prep and beyond. And I never fail to talk about RocketBlocks during my Google Champions calls. I recommend it to all incoming PMs - even just watching the mock interviews and the mini video lessons will go a long way in your preparation.
Google Cloud PM
Rocketblocks was a very valuable resource throughout my interview prep. As someone who rarely worked closely with UX and had no experience with design, the concepts and drills on UX allowed me to build a principled approach to tackling design not just in interviews but I also carried it forward in my actual PM role. Highly recommend Rocketblocks for providing methodical guidance from resume prep to case preparation to interviews, all with the support of community.
Matthew Rose
Manager, Deloitte
As a working professional with a family targeting experienced hire opportunities, being able to use RocketBlocks to do short, digestible blocks of training was invaluable. I could focus on specific areas for improvement and build my practice around my life, rather than the other way around.
Sarah Alexander
Professional Tri-athlete, BCG
As a former professional athlete, the approach you take to casing—breaking casing down into its fundamentals and providing a huge library of resources to drill those foundational skills—really resonated with me and was so helpful in my recruiting process. The fact that I was able to earn an offer from BCG as an experienced hire in such an unusual and competitive year is largely attributable to having Rocketblocks in my back pocket.
Angela Wei landed a job at Google in Product Strategy & Operations using RocketBlocks BizOps interview prep
Angela (Yang) Wei
Google Product Strategy & BizOps, Google Play
RocketBlocks helped me tremendously during my interview prep. Particularly the case Drills section on the BizOps module, a great community to find case practice partner, and the YouTube videos of mock interviews! I landed with Google on the Product Strategy & Operations team! I am happy to give back to the community if any other community member needs help in the future!😊
Supraja Haritha
BCG Consultant, NYU Stern grad
As an experienced hire, RocketBlocks was instrumental to my success at landing an offer with BCG. It is the most comprehensive platform that helps candidates sharpen each critical component of case interviews. The prep modules, the drills and the benchmark responses from experts truly enabled me to feel prepared and confident in my abilities to solve any problem that I would be exposed to during my interviews. I highly recommend RocketBlocks to every aspiring Consultant!
Jon Yang
Strategy & Analytics, Asana
RocketBlocks was critical to my success during my recruiting process for Strategy and Business Operations roles at tech companies. I'd recommend RocketBlocks to anyone aiming to differentiate themselves and take their interview skills to the next level.
Nancy Wang used RocketBlocks to land a job at Google Strategy & BizOps
Nancy Wang
Google Strategy & BizOps, ex-McKinsey
Even after working at McKinsey, I felt uneasy about case interviews when I was recruiting for tech strategy jobs in business school. What I needed was repetition so that I can get comfortable with cases again. RocketBlocks allowed me to do exactly that. Reading exhibits and drawing insights under pressure always made me feel nervous. I think I read just about every chart and numbers table example on RB. I even printed out math drills and took them to my b-school classes with me (HBS doesn't allow devices in class). The professors thought I was fervently taking notes when I was actually practicing multiplying by thousands. Even though I had friends who did practice cases with me, it's hard to do more than 1 or 2 of those a day. With RB, I was doing the equivalent of 10+ cases a day. I recommended RB to every friend that I helped prepare for consulting. Thank you guys for creating this tool.
James Wallace
Associate, McKinsey & Co.
I found RocketBlocks to be an invaluable tool for help with the mental math and chart practice. The drill repetition helped me hone my math skills and get better practice at chart interpretation, which paid off well during each round of interviews.
Morgan Cummings
Engagement Manager, McKinsey & Co.
I recommend RocketBlocks to everyone at Wharton who asks. Our 1st years just had a great recruiting season thanks to RocketBlocks and it helped me land my McKinsey internship.
Lourdes Amayo
PM at LendingClub, UC-Berkeley MBA
Thank you for creating RocketBlocks. Thanks to this, I was able to transition to Product Management. I'm starting today as Product Manager at LendingClub. New role, new company. I'm very excited. I spent all my recruiting process working on RocketBlocks and this REALLY helped get through the process, which was totally new for me. Thank you. You have built something amazing, lifechanging.
Nathan Glassman
Product manager, Tala, ex-EY Consultant
I wouldn't have received my consulting offer from EY without using the RocketBlocks platform. The math practice problems, graph analysis and case starts allowed me to turn my casing weaknesses into strengths and standout during my interviews.
Alexander Richards
Case Team Leader, Bain & Co.
I found that the interviews that went well were typically the ones before which I'd wake up, shower, and do a couple of drills on RocketBlocks to get my head in the game. It made a huge difference and helped me land a number of offers from top-tier firms.
Michael Uhrick
Dartmouth Undergraduate, Class of 2018
RocketBlocks's interactive activities fill the void left by other consulting prep books. With the popular books on the market, it's too easy to absentmindedly flip through the lessons, but RocketBlocks forces you to think and apply the material. Cannot recommend highly enough.
Jason Kaspar
Senior Consultant, Deloitte, Vanderbilt MBA
Combined with live case practice, RocketBlocks' Structure and Math Drills were the keys to nailing my case interviews. I definitely don't think I would have landed a summer internship with Deloitte S&O without it!
Nico Robben
Summer Associate at BCG, 2020
RocketBlocks was a massive help to me in my preparations for interviews. I went from shambling through practice cases to expertly structuring problems, analyzing data, and doing case math in a matter of weeks with consistent and dedicated use of RocketBlocks. I just received my offer for a Summer Associate position with the BCG, and RocketBlocks was a huge part of that success.
Strategy & Ops, LinkedIn, Booth MBA
It is a really great product and would definitely recommend it to others. The quality of content was strong: the questions and exercises were very close in style, subject matter, and scope to actual interview questions.
Claire deWeerdt
McKinsey Capital Projects and Infrastructure Practise team, 2019
I sought out an expert to run through my behavioral responses as one of the last steps in my preparation process. The feedback was valuable and helped me take my PEI responses from a weakness to a strength.
Anon Student
Consultant, BCG, INSEAD MBA
I have found RocketBlocks to be a very useful tool in my training to prepare for consulting interviews. Specifically, I found the Structuring tool very helpful to learn how to better structure problems at the beginning of new cases and to be more case-specific during interviews. I really recommend the tools for people to improve their structuring, brainstorming, and mental math skills to prepare for cases. I was fortunate enough to land an offer to join BCG and still have the final round with Bain and Company.
Anirudha Nandi
APM, Uber, Ivey HBA 2020
RocketBlocks was a perfect interview tool during hectic recruiting seasons. I could quickly do it for 20-30 mins between my prep or if I had more time I could deep dive into some of the larger exercises. It does a great job throughout - right from starting your interview prep all the way to touching up weaker areas. Practicing is the best way to get good at interviews and this is a really handy tool for that.
Charlie Liao
Associate at Two Sigma, ex-McKinsey
I used Rocketblocks when interviewing for McKinsey to improve my case structuring and mental math skills; loved using the platform and always felt like there was plenty of content to keep me sharp throughout the recruiting process. Since then, I think I’ve recommended this to every single interview candidate I’ve spoken to. Incredible addition to live case prep.
Rohil Chada
Incoming Analyst, Deloitte, U Pitt
RocketBlocks is the catalyst every aspiring consultant needs to nail down the finer points of the case interview. Being able to practice the granular facets of the case, such as mental math and framework development, helped me navigate through cases more quickly and accurately than ever before. I would highly recommend RB to undergraduates and graduates alike!
Asim Ahmed
Product Marketing Manager @ CapitalRx
Rocketblocks modules were effective and removed the information overload, focusing my attention on key foundational PMM areas to ensure I was readily prepared for my interview. More importantly, the case study prep has significantly improved my confidence, and refined my approach to difficult scenario questions. Rocketblocks truly makes your interview prep easy and seamless.
Nicholas Turner
Incoming Consultant, Bain & Co., Stern MBA
RocketBlocks was a seminal part of my interview prep. I used it everyday throughout recruiting season and before each of my interviews as a mental warm-up. I often tell people that it's actually more efficient than casing, as you can hone in on your weaknesses for 45 minutes straight and instantly ID opportunities for improvement. For anyone looking to break into consulting, I cannot recommend this tool highly enough.
Dominik used RocketBlocks and landed a job at McKinsey after his PhD
Dominik S.
Incoming Associate, McKinsey & Co., Caltech Postdoc
I come with a background in academia and thought I knew what it means to solve problems. However, I had no idea what this meant in a business setting. The resources at Rocketblocks taught me what it means, and the peer network allowed me to perfect this skill. I would recommend Rocketblocks to everyone who wants to join consulting!
Saloni used RocketBlocks and landed a job at Bain
Saloni Majmudar
Incoming AC, Bain & Co., UCLA
As someone who's typically skeptical of interview prep sites, I was pleasantly surprised when I started using RocketBlocks – the site was immensely helpful while preparing for my consulting case interviews and I was ultimately able to land an offer at Bain and Co.. I highly recommend using RocketBlocks to supplement case prep for anyone looking to fine tune their skills and improve upon their weaknesses before an interview.
Santiago used RocketBlocks and landed a job at BCG
Santiago Guirin
Incoming Associate Consultant, BCG, Princeton
RocketBlocks was really a game changer for me. I’m a first generation student, and the peer sessions helped me connect with aspiring individuals who gave me enormous support through both their positive and constructive feedback. I was able to tailor all the interview prep I had to do to my needs and my schedule, resulting in an offer from one of the best consulting firms in the world. Thanks so much!
Luka used RocketBlocks and landed a job at Bain
Luka Zrnic
Associate Consultant, Bain & Co., ESMT Berlin
I started noticing diminishing returns from doing live case practice (mocks) and started using the platform. It drastically helped me imporve on all the skills required for case interviews. Hence, I received an offer from Bain and am super excited about it. I really felt that RocketBlocks largely contributed to the success, due to the opportunity to individually practice large volumes of problems and force myself to deliberately work on development areas.
Phil used RocketBlocks to prep for PM interviews
Phil McDonnell
Google PM Director, Tuck MBA
RocketBlocks is a great PM interview prep tool. The concepts section serve as a good refresher on key topics and the drills are a great way to get some fun practice in and calm the nerves before interview day.
Phil used RocketBlocks to prep for PM interviews
Henrique Povedano
Private Equity Associate, Ocean Leap Capital, ex-BCG
I needed help brushing up on my structuring skills for my interview at Boston Consulting Group. The prompts on RocketBlocks' module were very realistic and I encountered identical questions during my interview process. The tool is really really useful and has helped me land job offers at Amazon, Binance, Gorillas and Uber.