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The best product managers to follow on Twitter

Kenton Kivestu, ex-Google, ex-BCG, Founder at RocketBlocks
Published: January 11, 2019 | Last updated: May 29, 2019

Curation criteria | Sortable table

Welcome to our curated list of 50 amazing product managers (and product people!) to follow on Twitter.

If you're an aspiring product manager or just someone who is interested in honing his/her product chops and learning more about the field, one of the best ways to do it can be following and engaging in the real time discussion around tech products.

Shows the twitter profile photos of eight top product managers

The list is 1) searchable and 2) sortable (default alphabetical by first name). For example, you could filter by people affiliated with Google or Slack. Or those that are investors, etc.

Criteria for building the list (Top)

The goal of this list is to provide recommendations for PMs and product people you can learn. Given this aim, we've put together this list with three key pieces of criteria.

  1. Active: We've selected people who actively tweet and engage (e.g., great product people who never tweet aren't here)
  2. Product oriented: Often tweet, discuss and debate *product* topics (e.g., sorry to any great product people who only live tweet Stanford football).
  3. Beyond the title: Product management is a cross functional role, so we've included notable people from other roles who bring great insight to the conversation (e.g., founders, investors, designers, engineers).

Amazing PMs to follow on Twitter (Top)

NameCurrent roleWorked / working at
Sriram KrishnanDirector of ProductTwitter, Snapchat, Facebook
Ryan HooverFounderProduct Hunt, Playhaven
Ellen ChisaFounderDarklang, Lola, Kickstarter
Yardley IpCPOThrive, Zillow
David GascaDirector of ProductTwitter
Sean RoseProductSlack
Gibbson BiddleVP ProductNetflix, Chegg
Brandon ChuGMShopify
Jeff Morris Jr.Director of ProductTinder
Noah WeissProduct LeadSlack, Foursquare, Google
Gaby PenaPMTwitter
Alyssa HenryProduct LeadSquare
Patrick TraughberPMTwitter
Jack ChouCPOAffirm, Pinterest
Brittany ChengPMSeesaw, Yelp
Robbie AllanSr. PMIntercom
Farheed MosovatPMSlack
Li JinPartnera16z
Maggie CrowleyProductDrift
Tyler HoggePMWealthfront
Abby GrillsPMGusto
Julia AustinProfessorHBS, VMWare, DigitalOcean
Bo RenDirector of ProductWorkBravely, Instagram, Tumblr
Merci Victoria GracePartnerLightspeed, Slack
Teresa TorresFounderProductTalk
Michael SchadePMStripe
April UnderwoodCPOSlack
Jesse GenetFounderLumi
Janna BastowFounderProdPad
Noah PepperProductStripe, Twitter
Josh ElmanVP ProductRobinhood, Facebook, Twitter
Michael SippeyProductMedium, Twitter
Sachin RehkiFounderNotejoy, LinkedIn
Ian McCallisterDirector of ProductAmazon, Airbnb
Tanay JaipuraPMFacebook, HBS
Diana KimballProductQuip
Mariya YaoCPO MetaMaven
Wendy JohanssonCo-founderWizeline
Braden KowitzProduct DesignerGV
Megan QuinnGeneral PartnerSpark, Square, Google
MG SieglerGeneral PartnerGV, TechCrunch
Alexia BonatsosGeneral PartnerDream Machine, TechCrunch
Keith RaboisGeneral PartnerKhosla Ventures, Square, PayPal
Horace DediuCo-FounderMicro mobility, Clayton Christensen Institute
Elad GilInvestorColor, Twitter, Google
Anh-Tho ChuongVP GrowthQonto, TechStars, Weebly, McKinsey
Adora CheungPartnerY Combinator, Homejoy
Laura Behrens WuFounderGo Shippo
Linda XieCo-FounderScalar Capital, Coinbase
Avichal GargCo-FounderElectric Capital, Facebook, Google
Tom TunguzVCRedpoint, Google

Add a PM to the list

Caveat: This list is a work-in-progress. We know it's not perfect and the list will be ever growing.

So, if you know of a great product person active on Twitter that we're missing, let us know so we can make this list as helpful as possible for everyone. Just shoot us email us at with the subject "PMs active on Twitter" and let us know who we're missing!

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