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Session types

When booking, you choose the focus of your coaching session

🎯 Mock interview

  • 40 minute case, 20 minute feedback session
  • Detailed feedback from your Expert
  • Best for people preparing for specific interviews

⛰️ Career strategy

  • Understanding your background and goals
  • Get tailored, actionable feedback from experts
  • Best for people building their recruiting strategy
  • Unsure what to ask? See common questions

When booking, you can select the right Expert level for you

Experienced Experts


    Mid Career Experts

    • 5+ years of total experience and 1.5+ years at an industry leading company
    • Participated in interviewing efforts in their offices
    • At Manager / Lead / Senior level or above in industry
    • Passionate about coaching and mentoring upcoming talent!

    Early Career Experts

    • Experience at a top company (e.g., MBB or Big tech)
    • Recently aced the interviews and knowledgeable about current recruiting process
    • Excited to help new talent break in!

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