Stephanie Lam | Interview Coach

Consulting Manager at BDO


  • Interviewing experience: Conducted 50+ behavioural and case interviews; led S&O recruiting nationally
  • Education: HBA from Ivey Business School
  • Expertise: Expertise in business transformation, public sector / healthcare, and consulting in Canada
  • Fun facts: Ran 50km through the mountains for chips, candy, and a burger

Steph is currently a Consulting Manager at BDO Canada. Prior to this, she worked at Deloitte Consulting in Canada for six years within both Monitor Deloitte and the Operations Transformation service lines, and also has healthcare industry experience working at Canadian Blood Services in leading their strategic planning and DEI initiatives.

She is a graduate of the Ivey Business School and enjoys spending her time trail running through the mountains, humbling herself trying to make pottery, and living life on the west coast of Canada.

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