Will Vereyken | Interview Coach

Associate at BCG


  • Interviewing experience: Helped 12 students get MBB offers and 7 get T2/boutique offers via casing practice (50+ cases given)
  • Education: BA in Data Science and Economics from UC Berkeley
  • Expertise: General, life sciences
  • Fun facts: Played club baseball for UC Berkeley

Going into the spring of my sophomore year of college, I barely knew what consulting was, let alone the intricacies of the recruiting process. I felt like I was working diligently towards my goal of receiving an offer from a top firm with little to no progress towards it. After an initially lackluster recruiting cycle, I realized that I needed to focus more on how to prepare for interviews, rather than aimlessly practicing cases and behaviorals.

Over time and with help from consulting experts, I gained a keen understanding of how to best prepare myself. With this newly structured approach to practicing cases and diligent work, I was able to obtain an internship with a wonderful firm and a full-time offer with my current (and dream) consultancy.

Given my academic, professional, and recruitment experiences, I am happy to help anyone who is interested in preparing for consulting interviews, whether they are a relative novice, experienced, from a technical background, from a non-technical background, or any combination thereof.

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