Tessa Peerless | Consulting Interview Coach

Senior Strategy Manager at Worldpay


  • Interviewing experience: Conducted 10+ Interviews and 200+ Mock Interviews at Bain
  • Education: HBA from Ivey Business School
  • Expertise: Expertise across Fintech, Retail, Private Equity, Mining, Pharmaceuticals industries
  • Fun facts: I'm a marathon runner and love roller coasters!

Current Senior Strategy Manager at Worldpay responsible for overall strategy of retail vertical (largest vertical at Worldpay). In this role, I lead cross-functional (sales, marketing, customer service, product development) projects.

In my time at Bain, I worked on various projects across industries:
• Private Equity Group (PEG): Contributed to 10 Commercial Due Diligences across healthcare, industrials, fintech, and B2B software. Roles included market sizing, growth forecasting, expert calls, internal company data cuts, and competitive positioning.
• General practice: Experience in mining (mine operations full potential), pharmaceuticals (net working capital), and financial services (working model strategy, strategic financial planning).
• Passionately involved in Bain’s Diversity Equity & Inclusion and Women At Bain groups and as the Recruiting Lead for the Ivey Business School.

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