Sanjeev Musuvathy | Interview Coach

Associate at BCG


  • Interviewing experience: Got all 3 MBB offers, 1st US BCG intern to start part-time, coached 12+ candidates to MBB offers in Dubai, China, and Europe
  • Education: Computer Science, Business Administration at UNC
  • Expertise: Blockchain, enterprise software, cannabis logistics, higher education strategy, African healthcare, HR tech, etc.
  • Fun facts: Went undrafted in the 2022 NBA draft

Incoming Associate at BCG. Received offers from all 3 MBB firms. 1st US BCG intern to receive offer to work part-time before summer internship. Mentored 10+ aspiring consultants to MBB offers in Dubai, Copenhagen, and Hong Kong.

Previous background included building products for Y-Combinator startups like Nabis and Bamboo in countries such as Nigeria. Led independent consulting engagements for F500 companies like Lenovo and GlaxoSmithKline. Built 2 venture capital funds. Spent 1 year traveling the world, based out of Hong Kong and Copenhagen.

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