Ranjini Musuvathy | PM Interview Coach

Sr. Product Manager at Amazon


  • Interviewing experience: Conducted 50+ interviews over 2 years at big-tech companies, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing industries. Mentees include MBA internships/full time, individuals transitioning between industries/functions, and experienced industry candidates.
  • Education: MBA from Carnegie Mellon University; Chemical Engineering from Oklahoma State University
  • Expertise: Expertise in consumer technology products, digital marketing, oil and gas, and manufacturing
  • Fun facts: Active traveler, foodie, and always looking for my next hike!

Hi there! As a seasoned Senior Product Manager at Amazon, I bring a unique perspective to the field of product management, having successfully transitioned from a non-tech background.

During my pursuit of my MBA at Carnegie Mellon, I interned at Amazon, and was fortunate to convert to a full-time role. Since then, I made it a mission to pay it forward. I began mentoring others who were looking to use their unique backgrounds to identify transferable skills that could be leveraged to build a strong product management resume. Drawing from my own journey, I guided and coached individuals on how to effectively navigate the interview process (behavioral and case prep). As a coach, I provide tailored support by conducting practice interviews, offering constructive feedback, and providing advice on how to best prepare for specific types of interviews.

I take immense pride in the success stories of those I have mentored. Each individual I have worked with has gone on to secure roles at top FAANG tech companies, proving that with the right guidance and preparation, career transitions into the tech industry are not only possible, but achievable.

As we embark on this coaching journey together, rest assured that I'll provide unwavering support, a friendly ear, and a genuine enthusiasm for your progress. I'm here to champion your aspirations and guide you towards becoming an exceptional product manager.

Let's join forces and transform your dreams into reality. Get ready to unleash your potential and excel in the dynamic world of product management!

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