Navi Sidhu | Consulting Interview Coach

Ex Interview Lead, Deloitte Consulting | Strategy Consultant @ Deloitte Consulting


  • Interviewing experience: Led the interview process for UCLA undergraduate strategy recruiting, including contributing in the Partner/SM decision panel discussion; was also part of our nontarget school program, giving advice and conducting mocks with dozens of applicants. This cycle, I've helped dozens of undergraduate students as well as MBA students from Wharton, Booth, and Duke.
  • Education: UCLA
  • Expertise: expertise in general growth and customer strategy with technology and life sciences & healthcare companies
  • Fun facts: was born in Australia and when I was younger had a kangaroo bite me (wild, I know...)

Something that differentiates me from other coaches is that I try to understand your profile and your concerns prior to the session so we can spend the majority of the time in the nitty gritty. Come ace your case with me, or get detailed career, resume, or behavioral advice.

About me: Current strategy consultant (legacy S&O) at Deloitte Consulting, where I joined from undergrad. I focus primarily on the life sciences and ESG space but off of projects, I'm heavily involved in 'people-development' and recruiting. I led the interview process on behalf of Deloitte for our undergraduate strategy analysts and strategy summer scholars (interns) at UCLA, including contributing to the Partner/SM decision panel discussion. I've also reviewed 100s of resumes of both traditional and non-traditional applications on behalf of Deloitte, serving as a non-target applicant advisor. My first hand experience means I know what top strategy consulting firms are looking for in your resumes and your case interviews.

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