Manjeet Singh | PM Interview Coach

VP of Product @ IRM, Ex-Head of Product @ServiceNow, Startups


  • Interviewing experience: Conducted 500+ interviews and Coached 100+ people in finding their dream jobs
  • Education: MBA from Santa Clara University, Undergrad in Computer Engineering
  • Expertise: Expertise in Strategy, B2B, SaaS, Product Marketing, AI/ML & Analytics, Growth and Social Media
  • Fun facts: I am also a fitness Coach by passion

Global Vice President for Product Management, Design, and Digital Product Marketing.

Customer centric, entrepreneur mindset, and data driven Product Leader with over 22 years of experience with the ability to manage large scale teams, create product innovations culture, build and launch global scale SaaS solutions for Enterprise (B2B) and Consumer (B2C) customers.

Love to Coach people on how to crack Product Management, Product Marketing, and Strategy Interviews. Always open to help others where possible - really, just reach out.

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