Edwina Liu | Consulting Interview Coach

Venture Analyst at Navitas Capital


  • Interviewing experience: 100+ mocks to date for McKinsey consulting roles | Recruitment lead for alma mater
  • Education: Incoming MPP/MBA dual at Oxford, HBA at Western University
  • Expertise: Sustainability in agriculture and developing markets
  • Fun facts: lover of long treks (completed the Camino de Santiago and West Highland Way)

Hi there! I'm an ex-McK consultant with experience as both an interviewer and interviewee, and landed final rounds with McK, BCG, and Bain. I was the recruitment lead for my alma mater while at McK.

I transitioned from an investment banking internship (Evercore) to a full-time offer in consulting, and had to learn how to ace a case in 2 weeks. I can give actionable advice on the most high-impact and efficient ways to prepare for your interview.

I believe tackling cases is a skill that you can practice (even though it can be quite intimidating at the start!), and a highly personal journey. I will provide you detailed feedback and preparation exercises/resources on all the core skills to help you go from "good" to "great". I have prepared cases for both conventional (i.e., market entry, profitability) and unconventional (i.e., non-business problem requiring the same skillset) prompts to meet you at whatever level you are at!

While at McKinsey, I worked on a number of Sustainability studies. For the last year, I was based at a start-up in Nairobi, Kenya at the intersection of economic development, food security, energy access, and decarbonization. I now work for a VC on projects related to their sustainable portcos. Happy to talk about working in climate and in a developing context!

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