David Toth-Almasi | Consulting Interview Coach

Engagement Manager at Intuitech


  • Interviewing experience: Conducted 50+ live case study interviews
  • Education: MBA from Maastricht University
  • Expertise: Expertise in digitalization projects, specializing in Data & AI
  • Fun facts: I was running the nr. 1 club / entertainment venue of Budapest focusing on house and tehcno music


I am an ex-McKinsey consultant armed with a Maastricht MBA, I am known for a personalized and comprehensive coaching style, enriched by my experiences in conducting group case-solving workshops and one-on-one preparation sessions. With over three years of dedicated coaching experience, I bring a proven track record of success, evidenced by an impressive (and realistic..) 80%+ candidate success rate.


My initial journey into the world of consulting—marked by a pre-MBA phase where I faced the rigor of the selection process and did not secure an offer—has afforded me a distinct perspective on the essential dos and don’ts of candidate preparation.

Here is how I am unique and different from other coaches on the site:

Fresh experience: As a recent McKinsey consultant (2021-2023), I bring fresh, applicable insights into the recruitment process, including adeptness with the latest online interview formats post-COVID, to give you a competitive edge.

Hybrid expertise: My professional career began in finance, pivoted to entrepreneurship as I spearheaded a top CEE club for techno and house music, and has now evolved into a role as an Engagement Manager specializing in digital and AI strategies. This eclectic experience grants me a unique adaptability to coach individuals from varied backgrounds, enabling them to navigate the complex consulting landscape.

Non-target school background: I mastered the recruitment game without coming from Ivy League and gathered insights how to overcome on this competitive disadvantage. Leveraging these unique insights I can demonstrate that with the right approach and guidance, your school's name becomes secondary to your capabilities.


The coaching begins with a diagnostic evaluation to spotlight your core strengths and areas for development, progressing into a comprehensive mock interview that rigorously tests case solving areas. We then focus on tailored deep dives into any aspect of the case method where you need focused practice, ensuring a polished, interview-ready skill set (e.g., structuring, frameworks, chart interpretation, brainstorming, quant analysis, etc.)

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