Darren Chin | Interview Coach

Senior Strategic Designer / Management Consultant at BCG X Ventures


  • Interviewing experience: 60+ interviews for campus and experienced hire consulting recruitment cycles
  • Education: BCom, University of Alberta
  • Expertise: Product strategy, UX research, design, and innovation strategy projects in finance, healthcare, and industrial goods.
  • Fun facts: I tinker with film cameras and I specialize in Japanese wheel throwing + ceramics

Hi there - I'm Darren. Nice to meet you!

I'm currently a management consultant (formally a Senior Strategic Designer!) at BCG in New York. I'm specifically a part of BCG.X Ventures, BCG's corporate-backed ventures arm, wherein we design and build new products alongside global organizations. In my role, I specialize in product research, digital prototyping, and corporate innovation strategy.

With over 5+ years of experience in management consulting across BCG and Deloitte, I've led and supported countless recruitment cycles. I can support you in areas such as shaping a compelling personal narrative in behavioral interviews; presenting stronger in case interviews (e.g. adding the 'so what' beyond your number crunching!); and building confidence in your live case skills.

I look forward to working WITH you and providing the 'real' perspective on how to ace consulting recruitment.

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