Cynthia Aceves | Interview Coach

Business Analyst at McKinsey & Company


  • Interviewing experience: Completed 200+ hours of case prep experience, conducted 25+ case interviews for consulting clubs
  • Education: MS in Finance from USC Marshall School of Business
  • Expertise: Expertise in Finance and Entertainment Finance
  • Fun facts: Learned how to brew my own kombucha at home

After graduating from USC Marshall School of Business with my MS in Finance I accepted an offer from McKinsey & Company in the Bay Area office. Prior to this, I have experience in entertainment finance at Warner Bros. with the HBO Max team and previous financial analyst experience at Wells Fargo.

I have a BA in International Relations from USC as well - I previously wanted to work in the public sector and got some experience in business intelligence. During my time to myself I love going out to eat, recreating dishes, watching movies and spending the day with my husband.

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