Christopher MacRae Ham | Consulting Interview Coach

Strategy & Development Manager - Offshore Wind


  • Interviewing experience: Conducted 15-20 interviews at BCG New York; also conducted
  • Education: MBA from London Business School; Bachelors in Engineering from University of Calgary
  • Expertise: Strategy and Business Development across Energy (renewables and oil & gas), Private Equity, Financial Services
  • Fun facts: I lived in London for almost 4 years and often got mistaken for cricketer Freddie Flintoff

To complement my engineering background, I pursued MBA studies in the UK at London Business School, after which I began ~4 years of management and strategy consulting. I began at Accenture Strategy in London, then moved to BCG New York.

At BCG, I was a core member of the Climate and Sustainability practice, working at the intersection of Renewable Energy and Finance/Private Equity. After 3 years at BCG, I left as a Project Leader to join a new energy company as a Business Development and Strategy Leader in their Offshore Wind practice.

I'm very excited to be playing a role in helping the US energy transition along. My time in consulting at both Accenture and BCG was a critical step in helping me accomplish this. I also used Rocket Blocks to help me prepare for all of my consulting interviews. I love this platform and am excited to help you start your consulting journey.

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