Ben Jacobson | Consulting Interview Coach

Cofounder of software company


  • Interviewing experience: Conducted 40+ interviews for Bain, Conducted over 400 practice case interviews for Bain; I love getting people better at casing!
  • Education: MBA: Booth, University of Chicago; BA: University of Chicago
  • Expertise: Expertise in case interviews and general leadership
  • Fun facts: Finished 2 marathons

I cofounded a defense tech startup after 3 years at Bain, and 4.5 years in the Marine Corps.

I love getting people better at casing- if my set times don't work out- let me know and I can find more.

At Bain, I worked across almost every industry and function. As a Marine, I led ~150 Marines over 2 deployments.

I also received a BA with honors in Economics from the University of Chicago (and wrote my thesis on basketball strategy); and also got his MBA from Booth (University of Chicago).

I also led consulting recruiting for Bain NY veterans for 2 years, and has tremendous case interview experience.

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