Armando Huerta | Consulting Interview Coach

Private Equity Backed CEO, BizOps, ex-Deloitte M&A Consulting


  • Interviewing experience: Conducted 30+ behavioral interviews and hired 5 direct reports. I have extensive casing experience and consulting interview experience with MBB, Big 4 and Boutique firms
  • Education: B.S Mechanical Engineering, MBA - Rice University Jones Graduate School of Business
  • Expertise: PE Biz Ops, consulting. M&A and Restructuring
  • Fun facts: I play guitar in a classic rock cover band, I am fluent in Spanish

As a dedicated advocate for aspiring consultants, I am fueled by a profound passion for facilitating entry into the dynamic world of Consulting. I firmly believe that this field serves as an invaluable training ground, offering boundless career prospects both within and beyond its boundaries.

With over 11 years of unwavering commitment to the professional arena, my journey has woven through various commercial and operations roles, equipping me with a robust skill set and deep industry insights. Following my MBA, I embarked on a transformative chapter as an M&A Manager at Deloitte, where I harnessed my extensive background to navigate the complexities of mergers and acquisitions. Currently, I am a VP at a PE backed IT business.

My enthusiasm is now channeled toward empowering students to realize their career aspirations. I am thrilled at the prospect of sharing my wealth of experience and knowledge to support emerging talent in their pursuit of success in the consulting realm.

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