Andrew Shi | Consulting Interview Coach

Former BCG, Biz Ops


  • Interviewing experience: 15+ offers in tech ranging from FAANG to startups in roles spanning biz ops, finance, marketing, and more. 90%+ clearance rate for take-home assessments. CBS BCG SF campus specialist. Have conducted interviews in tech for analytics and operations.
  • Education: MBA from Columbia Business School
  • Expertise: Consumer marketplaces, e-commerce, SaaS, pricing, analytics, operations, marketing
  • Fun facts: Used to work in retail selling running shoes

Currently an operator at Course Hero working on Q&A marketplace.

Formerly a BCG consultant in the San Francisco office focused on the technology industry. Extensive experience in private equity due diligence, corporate strategy & finance, and pricing.

Columbia MBA class of 2020. CBS recruiting specialist for BCG SF office. <3 NYC.

Pre-business school experience as a startup operator in e-commerce at Memebox (Series D), as a business analytics specialist at Amazon (SQL!!!), and in merchandising at Dick's Sporting Goods (socks!).

Have received 15+ offers ranging from FAANG (Google, Amazon) to startups (series B - D) in roles ranging from finance, biz ops, marketing, and operations. Clear take-home assessments or timed exercises at 90%+ rate, happy to assist with these.

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