Notable Google PM Alumni Database

Welcome to the Notable Google PM Alumni Database project.

It's a simple project we've put together to keep track of all the incredible Google PMs, including alumni from the famed Google APM program, and what they're up to in their post-Google careers.

Here is a quick sample of Google PM alumni who've accomplished a lot since their time at Google.

  • Founders: Bret Taylor, sold Quip to Salesforce for $750M
  • Venture capitalists: Jess Lee, former CEO of Polyvore (acq. by Yahoo!) and General Partner at Sequoia
  • Product leaders: Brian Rakowski, VP of Product at Google
  • Product leaders: Stephanie Hannon, CPO at Strava, Former CTO at Hillary for America campaign

Sortable Google PM alumni table

(A)PMAlumnusPost-Google rolesGender
PMZach WeinbergCo-Founder, FlatIron Health, Co-Founder, Invite Media (acq. by Google)Male
PMEthan AndersonCo-Founder, Red Beacon (acq. by Home Depot), Co-Founder, MyTimeMale
PMAndrew OfstadCo-Founder, AirtableMale
PMOthman LarakiCEO & Co-Founder, Color GenomicsMale
PMElad GilCo-Founder, Color Genomics, CEO & Founder, Mixer Labs (acq. by Twitter)Male
PMPaul McDonaldCEO, BodegaMale
APMPaul Montoy-WilsonCEO, Aviate (acq. by Yahoo!)Male
PMMegan QuinnGP, Spark CapitalFemale
PMAmy ChangCEO, Accompany, Board Member, P&GFemale
PMGokul RajaramGM, CaviarMale
PMMinnie IngersollCOO, Shift Technologies, COO Code for AmericaFemale
PMStephanie HannonCPO, Strava, CTO, Hillary for AmericaFemale
PMMarissa MayerCEO, Yahoo!Female
APMEnrique Manuel TorresSVP Search and Ads, Yahoo!Male
PMPrashant FuloriaCOO, Fundbox, Director of Product, FacebookMale
PMBruce FalckCRO, Twitter, CEO, Turn (acq. by Singtel)Male
PMHunter WalkGP, Homebrew VenturesMale
PMTomasz TunguzManaging Director, Redpoint VenturesMale
PMKeval DesaiPartner, InterWestMale
APMAleem MawaniCo-Founder, StreakMale
APMJess LeeCEO of Polyvore (acq. by Yahoo!), Partner at SequoiaFemale
APMBrian RakowskiVP of Product, GoogleMale
APMSi ShenFounder & CEO, Papaya MobileFemale
APMBret TaylorFounder & CEO, Quip (acq. by Salesforce)Male
APMJustin RosensteinCo-Founder, AsanaMale
APMAvichal GargCo-Founder, Spool (acq. by Facebook)Male
APMJini KimFounder & CEO, NumaFemale
APMClay BavorVP of Product (VR), GoogleMale
APMDan SirokerCo-Founder & CEO, OptimizelyMale
APMPete KoomenCo-Founder & CTO, OptimizelyMale
APMBen LewisCo-Founder, TapJoy, Co-Founder, Karma (acq. by Facebook)Male
APMHarry GlaserCo-Founder, PeriscopeMale
APMJamie DavidsonFounder, PrimaTable (acq. by HotelTonight), VP of Product, LookerMale
APMWes ChanGP, Google Ventures, GP, Felicis VenturesMale
PMHugo BarraVP of Product (VR), Facebook, VP of Product, XiaomiMale

Add Google PM alums

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