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Behavioral storytelling advice
1. Master behavioral interview questions

Identify the right stories to tell, how to frame them & how to tell them with impact.

Practice honing your behavioral answers
2. Review answers to behavioral questions

Practice real behavioral interview questions and see sample answers from experts at McKinsey & Google.

Get expert feedback on behavioral answers from coaches
3. Get Expert coaching

Get personalized feedback from incredible coaches with experience at top tech and consulting companies.

Learn how to identify, frame and share your career story

1. Storytelling Concept reviews

What stories should you share in behavioral interviews? What type of details matter vs. don't? How many stories do you need? And what traits do interviewers really care about, and why? Our concepts tell you what you need to know.

Roll up your sleeves and do active learning with real interview questions

2. Practice structuring & sharing your stories

Find your stories
Identify and document your career highlights - so you know what to highlight in your answers.
Practice your answers
Practice structuring and reframing your answers using the STAR framework, SCAR-L, direct answer & more.
Learn from Experts
Compare your answers to PMs, Consultants, PMMs & BizOps leaders from Google, Bain, BCG, Microsoft, McKinsey & more.
Behavioral interview question sample answers from experts at companies like McKinsey and Google

Build confidence with real questions and expert answers

3. Get Expert coaching & feedback

Everyone struggles with honing behavioral answers - our Experts can help you refine stories, identify the key details and frame it so it hits with impact. Coaching sessions are booked a la carte, starting at $100 / hr)
Jill Schweitzer
Product Manager @ Airbnb
  • Formerly a PM Amazon, Uber, StubHub
  • Expertise in consumer products and marketplaces
  • Made an appearance on Top Chef
Francisco Bram
Head of PMM, Uber Business
  • Ex-Siemens health global marketing lead
  • Expertise in GTM strategy, demand gen, integrated marketing
  • Launched 30+ products globally
Nick Padlo
Ex-Bain Case Team Leader
  • MBA from Stanford GSB
  • Served on Bain Dallas interview team & conducted 150+ interviews
  • ESPN Mini Golf Youth Champion (1995)
Neha Masson
Head of PMM, StitchFix
  • Formerly PMM at Google, Twitter, Amazon
  • Expertise in consumer products and marketplaces
  • Board member, SF Children's Art Center
Rob Reiling
Ex-McKinsey & Co. EM
  • GM at Opendoor
  • Member of the McKinsey interview team & interviewed 100+ candidates
  • Voice is used in the popular Red Dead Redemption video game
Anna Wiggins
Sr. Director PMM, ManyChat
  • Former PMM at Google, PayPal, Eventbrite
  • Expertise in B2B, BCC and lifecycle marketing
  • MBA from NYU Stern

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Rahila used RocketBlocks and landed a job at Deloitte and EY-Parthenon
Rahila Olanrewaju
Strategy Consultant, Deloitte
I just want to thank you for creating Rocketblocks. I tell *everyone and anyone* who is preparing for interviews to get Rocketblocks. It helped me get offers from Deloitte and EY-Parthenon my senior year of college.
Henrique used RocketBlocks to prep for PM interviews
Henrique Povedano
Ocean Leap Capital, ex-BCG
The prompts on RocketBlocks' module were very realistic and I encountered identical questions during my interview process. The tool is really really useful and has helped me land job offers at Amazon, Binance, Gorillas and Uber.
Kaitlyn Gelpi
Sr. Product manager, Dots
Rocketblocks was my interview prep secret weapon. The drills taught me useful frameworks to quickly break down technical questions and stand out during interviews.
Santiago used RocketBlocks and landed a job at BCG
Santiago Guirin
Associate Consultant, BCG
RocketBlocks was really a game changer for me. I’m a first generation student, and the peer sessions helped me connect with aspiring individuals who gave me enormous support through both their positive and constructive feedback. I was able to tailor all the interview prep I had to do to my needs and my schedule. Thanks so much!
Lourdes Amayo
LendingClub, UC-Berkeley
Thank you for creating RocketBlocks. I spent all my recruiting process working on RocketBlocks and this REALLY helped get through the process, which was totally new for me. Thank you. You have built something amazing, lifechanging.
Anirudha Nandi
APM, Uber, Ivey HBA 2020
RocketBlocks was a perfect interview tool during hectic recruiting seasons. I could quickly do it for 20-30 mins between my prep. Practicing is the best way to get good at interviews and this is a really handy tool for that.
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