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Charts & data

Polish your analytical skills by picking apart Marimekko, bar charts, regressions & more

Mental math

Nail your mental math by practicing on unlimited case style math problems

Case problems

Structure problems and compare answers to suggestions from McKinsey consultants.


Video interviews with management consultants

Gain insider perspective

Watch video interviews with consultants describing the interview process, tips for preparing and how to make yourself stand out.

Sharpen analytical skills

Master the art of quickly glancing at charts, whether it's a bubble chart or a regression analysis, and identifying key take aways.

Video interviews with management consultants
Video interviews with management consultants

Become a human calculator

Drill yourself on an unlimited supply of case style math questions. From long division to breakevens, we've got you covered.

Break down problems like a boss

Structure case problems and compare your answers against suggestions from our contributor panel of McKinsey, BCG & Bain consultants.

Video interviews with management consultants


I recommend RocketBlocks to everyone at Wharton who asks. Our 1st years just had a great recruiting season thanks to RocketBlocks and it helped me land my McKinsey internship.

Morgan Cummings, President of Wharton Consulting Club & future McKinsey Associate

I would have killed for this tool when I was going through interviews... the charts section is invaluable.

Taylor Bowman, Consultant at Bain & Co.


Expert contributors

100% of our content comes directly from experts. All suggested answers come directly from the RocketBlocks contributor panel: a group of eight senior management consultants from leading firms such as McKinsey, BCG, Bain, Deloitte & Parthenon.

Highly targeted content

Our content is specifically targeted toward building the skills tested in case interviews. Each module, from structure, charts and data, mental math to brainstorming, has been specifically crafted to build key skills case interviews test.