Welcome to the Product Management Getting Started Guide!

This Guide is crafted to help anyone, from fresh graduates to experienced industry hires, ramp up on the product management role and the interview process for product managers at top tech companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook.

To assemble this Guide, we've interviewed leading product management experts from top companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Uber, Airbnb, Stripe and Twitter.

The goal of the PM Getting Started Guide

The ultimate goal of this Guide is to arm you with the relevant context, so you can kick off your product management recruiting process with confidence.

At RocketBlocks, we strongly believe that success in PM interviews, and pretty much anything in life, begins with having a deep understanding of the situation and context. This understanding allows you to separate the signal from the noise, quickly get to the heart of the matter and generate insights that will separate you from your peers.

We've broken down this guide into three key sections:

  1. The role and career path of a PM
  2. PM interviews & the required skill sets
  3. How to prepare for interviews

Warning! Cuidado! Achtung!

If you're already deep into your product management interview preparation or have already started interviews (e.g., you've already made it to the second rounds of Google, etc), this Guide likely won't be the best use of your time (but the core RocketBlocks drills might be!).

However, if you're just beginning to think about product management as a career choice, regardless of your background, this is a great place to start.

Get started!